The revelation of your dozing postures

Do you snore a lot when you sleep? Or do you suffer from back pain after every sleep? You might need to switch your sleep posture now.

How the way you sleep may have an impact on your health, or it can create a difference in the way how you feel when you wake up. To rest and repair our bodies, we all need to have a good sleep. It also enables us for the new day. Sleeping for too much or too little time has been proven to cause health problems, from obesity and cardiovascular diseases to dementia and diabetes. But another fact is that it is not only the duration of sleep that creates a difference; it is also the posture you are in a while dozing.

The best sleeping posture is the one in which you are the most comfortable. Although the position of your body makes when you are asleep may affect different parts of your body. During sleep, your body parts should remain aligned. Otherwise, when you wake up, you may experience numbness or pain in any particular part of your body. For improving your sleep quality, a new posture of sleep can work efficiently. You may have a favorite posture of sleep, but remember, some positions and styles can trigger pain or undesired conditions in your body or can put you in a restless situation the whole night.

Keep reading to know about the best posture of sleep you should choose for you.

A baby in the womb posture of sleep:

If you have a habit of sleeping in a side position with your knees bent and curled towards the torso, you may suffer from back pain shortly or may damage your joints soon. Although placing a pillow between your knees can relieve the pressure on your joints. This posture is the favorite for approximately 40% of people in the world.

The soldier posture:

If you are a back sleeper, you are sleeping in the best and healthy posture but restless for others because you might be snoring while sleeping. Your weight is evenly distributed on your spine when you sleep on your back. This is the main reason that this posture reduces the pain of your back and neck. This posture allows your body to stay in its natural alignment. To minimize the snoring, try to stack up a few pillows underneath your head. If you want a good night’s rest without waking up in pain, you should choose this posture.

 Lateral sleeping posture towards left:

If you feel comfortable while sleeping to the left side, you are opting for another ideal position to avoid back and neck pain. It also minimizes the acid reflux from your stomach and improves blood circulation for the uterus so it can be an ideal posture for women who are mommy-to-be soon. However, this posture can cause breast ligaments to stretch over time and leads to sagging breasts.

 Lateral sleeping posture towards the right:

This position can result in heartburn. Although it is beneficial to reduce your back and neck pain, it could also be the reason for wrinkles on your face and sagging of the breasts. You might also experience stiffness in your shoulders in this posture of sleep. People who suffer from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) should avoid this position to sleep. However, this posture allows steady airflow to the lungs.

Freefall posture of sleep:

This is the worst posture of rest for your health, with only one benefit that you would not disturb your partner by snoring. Sleeping on your stomach flattens the natural curve of the spine and loads your body weight into your core, resulting in lower back pain. This posture most probably leads you to tilt your face in one direction to develop a way to breathe, putting a lot of strain on your neck. It is the cause of a lot of pressure on your spine, joints, and muscles, along with blood circulation problems that make you feel numbness while sleeping. You need to change your posture of sleep immediately if you sleep on your stomach.