How to Be More Productive As A Boss Lady

Boss lady means you are the one people look up to take hard decisions of the company and keep the company running. You wake up every day, wondering if you fulfill your responsibility and all the work obligations that you are assigned to do. You are no doubt doing your best, but is it enough? You keep thinking as to how to get better at work and to make things easier. Don’t fret; we have five solutions for your everyday hustle.

Praise yourself too

Yes, you read it right! First, give yourself applause for the career milestone and being a boss lady. You knew being in charge of everything is not going to be easy, but you took up the task nonetheless. It does not matter if you fail sometimes. All that matters is, stood up and took charge of the situation. So, if you’re the one people are dependent on to carry out various tasks, do it with full enthusiasm and show them what you got. But occasionally pat on your back as to how far you have come and how much you have achieved. And then move forward to achieve even more. Taking some time to praise yourself is certainly not you being self-centered but rather self-acknowledging.

Get yourself a virtual assistant

After all the hard work that you have done, you to need some help because let’s get real if things can get better with a little help, why not avail it? Do not try to get the entire burden on yourself and get all drained because your energy is needed to sort out other tasks. Try to get help from virtual assistants, especially in typical jobs, and channel your energy towards other essential functions that no other can do.  However, do some thorough research before hiring someone so that you will be able to find the perfect one that would in compliance with all the rules and regulations and would not go against your morals. Hire someone that can understand your business morals and guidelines.

Be an empathetic human being.

Let’s face it. No one would like you to work with you if you ‘boss around’. We know that sometimes donning the boss face is inevitable to get your required work done, but we also think that if you can take work from someone with humility and professionalism, then there’s no need for a bossy attitude. We are not saying to build be best friends with your workers, but a little respect, empathy, humility, kindness, and professional courteousness won’t hurt. But your kind nature will buy their loyalty towards you, and they will be happy to work with you.

Don’t be just a Leader, be a follower too.

Yes, you can be both, and it’s not rocket science. You have enough experience to understand the time you need to step up and take charge while, but at times you also need to step back and let others do the leading, and you follow them. There can sometimes be when their expertise is more than yours in some issues, and there’s no harm in taking advantage of it. This act won’t make you any lesser than anyone, but others will surely admire you more.

Praise others for their excellent work.

Your workers work for you with all the enthusiasm and the need to be praised not on just National Assistant Day but every day. When your worker gives you the best they can do, please acknowledge them and provide a reward for their hard work.  The award not only has to be in the form of cash, but a simple shout-out in the company’s newsletter and a round of applause in a conference room will do the trick. There are even some places reserved for ’employee of the month’ in specific workplaces; these are the parking spots that are nearest and the most convenient. The basic idea is to save the most convenient parking spaces for the most hardworking ones, a great reward in big cities where parking on the right spot is the task of its own. This is just an example, and there are many ways to appreciate your hardworking employees. It will provide you no harm, but the productivity and will to give their best will increase.