6 Tips That Will Change Your Daily Life

Daily activities at home can be very stressful and challenging after coming back from office. The house chores can be a tasking challenge that takes away rest when you’re supposed to be relaxing. The cooking, cleaning, arrangement of things and many more is enough to make you ponder on how to go about them. Are you worried that your lifestyle will remain the same? Here are the 6 tips that can help you out despite your busy schedule.



Days can be boring when your phone isn’t charged especially when you’re about to go out for something important. So, here is a better way to ensure your phone is charged at all times; simply put it on the airplane mode when charging. It automatically turns off activities like Wi-Fi, calls, text messages, social media buzz, and many more. All these activities reduce the phone battery longevity, so whenever you’re charging your phone, putting it on airplane mode will help charge faster. This tip is a very good life hack that can be a lifesaver mostly when you’re in a hurry.



Washing a robot mixer can be very difficult, and it can be frustrating if it has to do with cleaning the blade. Due to the blade sharp edges, you can easily get a cut on your finger when washing with a sponge which even makes the stress a painful one. However, you can save yourself this stress by filling the mixer with water up to the robot blade level. After then, add little dish-washing detergent, and turn the mixer to its least setting for 30 seconds. In few minutes, you’ll discover how fast and prudent the water and detergent can wash smoothly for you when cleaning.



As a lover of coffee, you’ll always find it unpleasant if your coffee doesn’t have the flavor you so much crave for especially if your coffee is iced. You can enjoy the coffee flavor you so much desired by using coffee ice cube which preserve the real taste. Just pour your coffee on the ice tray and put it into the freezer before drinking. So, when next you’re taking coffee, endeavor to use coffee ice cubes rather than the regular ice cube so that your coffee won’t lose flavor. Using the coffee cubes will preserve the flavor, so have fun and enjoy it.



Herbs can be used to spice your food for a great taste of flavor, but can be problematic when it comes to keeping it fresh without dehydrating them. The only way to keep it fresh and preserve its nutrient is to put them in a freezer by chopping them on ice trays and mixing it with olive oil. You can also mix it with either avocado oil or coconut oil. When cooking, use little and you’ll marvel at the power of the iced herb in preserving the usual fresh herbs taste.



Cleaning up the microwave is not an easy task at all. The food particles and splashes can be difficult when scrubbing; it is even stressful and challenging if the particles and splashes are dried inside the microwave. A very easy means to clean it off is using steam; put one cup of water and vinegar into the microwave bowl, then heat up for 5 to 10 minutes. After heating, remove the bowl and use a clean sponge to wipe for smooth cleaning. It works faster.



If you have a sink at home, experiencing a clogged sink is unavoidable, and it comes with expensive payment when you have to call a plumber for reparation. To make it worse, the chemicals used in unclogging can damage the sink pipe due to the strong content it contains. You can do it yourself with a chemical-free means. Start by mixing ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup salt along with a cup of vinegar together. After mixing, pour it on the clogged drain, and then, give it a few minutes. Finish it up by pouring hot water on the clogged drain until clears.