5 Amazing Benefits of Daily Eating Irish Potato

Among the thousands of varieties, the Irish potato has its own value in the potato family. Contrary to popular belief, Irish potatoes originated in the region of South American Andes and are not from Ireland. They got their name when a disease in potatoes ruined entire crops in Ireland for consecutive years of starvation from 1845 to 1849.

Although there is no shortage of any such kind, Irish potatoes have been found both affordable and adorable when it comes to price and flavor. Steam them, bake them, or boil them for lunch – The delicious Irish potatoes can blend into a lot of recipes even after not being ideal for mashed potatoes.

If you want to see what other benefits can you savor by eating Irish potatoes, continue reading and see which one compels you the most to include them in your diet.


1. Balanced Mood

Often people avoid white potatoes just because they have an inside resembling carbohydrates people don’t want to eat. However, in reality, refined starch is nowhere to be found in potatoes and they offer nutrients and fiber in massive amounts.

You can get your mood all balanced out by eating Irish potatoes because they are super-rich in vitamin B. Rich in vitamin B6, Irish potatoes give you good production of adrenaline in your body helping your body in effectively responding to stress. They also have chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and GABA which work like a charm when your body needs to relax and feel good. With Irish potatoes in your diet, you can ward off the deficiency of vitamin B and avoid depression and mood swings.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Potatoes have been found to be the magical helpers in releasing hypertension as they are rich in potassium and can reverse the effects of sodium present in the body. Hypertension has a direct link to high blood pressure which most of the time links to the “silent killer” disease that is a heart attack.

Blocked or chocked arteries due to plaque buildup, excessive stress, and high intake of salt can lead to hypertension and potatoes are rich in vitamin B and potassium which help in the reduction of stress and neutralizing sodium effects.


3. Heart Health

A healthy heart means a healthy bloodstream in your body. If your bloodstream is not normal, it means that your heart is either too weak to perform properly or is working too hard and is exposed to a heart attack.

Now we have established that Irish potatoes can do wonders in curing blood pressure issues, another amazing fact about them is that they have carotenoids which are antioxidant compounds. They are excellent agents for reducing inflammation in your body and ultimately decrease the chances of different cardiovascular diseases.

4.Cancer Prevention

Cellular damage in our body occurs if free radicals are not neutralized in the blood by antioxidants and Irish potatoes have a lot of these useful antioxidants like carotenoids, anthocyanin compounds, phenols, flavonoids, and vitamin C.

With antioxidants working actively in your body, the risk of contracting cancer is minimum because the DNA is guarded by the antioxidants and its vulnerability to cancer is also challenged.

We need to understand that free radicals will always be present in our body as a byproduct of the oxygen we breathe. We should keep these free radicals at bay by consuming antioxidants through different foods and consumption of Irish potatoes is one delicious way to do just that.

5. Better Digestion

Last but not the least! Irish potatoes are amazingly rich in fiber which is very helpful in passing easy stool. Fiber may not be digested by the body, but it has a huge responsibility in the easy removal of the excretory products from our digestive system.

With plenty of fiber intake, you can not only minimize the risk of colon cancer, but you can also have regular bowel movements which are very important to avoid bloating and gas. Another healthy thing that is indicated by regular bowel movements is the proper digestion of food by your body which means that you are less susceptible to physical discomfort and public humiliation.



Irish potatoes may seem a less selected food due to its low price tag, but if you assess its advantages for even a few seconds, you will understand how great a gift it is by nature to humankind. Not only it provides a rich texture and taste to our taste buds, but we are also saved from a lot of severe illnesses by this simple and tasty vegetable.