4 Most Loved Small Pets

Don’t you have a huge space in your home? Worry not! You can still allow your favourite pet to share your life. There are many small animals which are actually very interactive and social, such as pocket pets. Others are unable to handle but are very interesting to observe.

From every child’s first pet – hamsters – to strange animals such as hedgehogs, there are plenty of great choices for small pets that you can enjoy to the fullest in your life.


For many reasons, hamsters make important starter pets. They are:

  • lovely
  • can be handled easily.
  • Don’t need a wide space
  • Mostly their food is pellets.

It will be quite interesting for you to watch your hamster stuffing his cheeks, building its nest, running on its wheel, and washing its whiskers with foot.

It can always be fun for your hamster to run about space in a hamster ball, and they will also enjoy finding grain boxes, shoes, and paper towel tubes that you have left for them.

Hamsters can easily get hurt and bite at their fingers because of their small size. For effective treatment, hamsters are also subjected to several common small window diseases and can survive for only 2-3 years in the best conditions.

Hamsters should be kept alone because as an adult they are solitary.


Rats get a bum rap, but in fact, they’re some of the smartest and most friendly pets you can keep out of dogs. Rat owners love that everyone has a different personality, with most asking for their owners’ attention. Naturally, like some people, some rats are also little rough and standing.

Rats are collaborative and can easily get a master’s in many tricks. Generally, they are easy-going and can be handled safely. They are larger than hamsters and move slowly and it’s a little chance that they can skim under the bed or refrigerator. However, juvenile rats can nip them between cage bars and should stay in a wall with ½ spacing until grown-up.

Have fun by keeping your rats exploring different things. As they are social pets, it is best to keep them in the pair of the same sex (unless you are very ready to raise them). Rats can eat all the things that a human can, but keep snippets away from them. Mostly feed them commercial food.

You also require to get prepared for rats to break your heart. They usually suffer from tumors and respiratory diseases that can shorten their normal life span of 2-3 years.

Guinea pigs

guinea pigs are A bit more substantial than rats. They are one of the most tolerant pets in our listings. Guinea pigs are heart-warming animals, so they graze easily and will probably never ask you for physical attention. However, they are uniquely admirable and once you take them off, they will cool down in your lap for a long time.

Still, if they aren’t dying for your contact, Guinea’s pigs will humorously restore their food. These pigs like to eat food and recognize the coming signs of food. They gamble on their wall and rarely bounce in the air known as popcorning. They also raise their voices with a sound of series and trails to greet you.

Guineas can do best in pairs as they are social creatures. You can also notice that guinea pigs eat an excess amount of food. They will want permanent access to grass, as well as daily leafy greens, commercial pellets, and different varieties of fresh vegetables. .Not surprisingly eating all of these also brings with it an excess of popping.

The life span of Guinea pigs is almost 5-7 years. But since they are very good at hiding the symptoms of the disease, it is common for them to die unexpectedly.



Hedgehogs are the spiny pets that may seem to be dangerous but by gently handling them you can make them your friend. In Africa hedgehogs of 5 to 8 inches length and 14-ounce weight are considered a useful pet.

As long as you are young, you can easily handle hedgehogs and they preferably get controlled. However, in the wide variety of wild animals, they live alone. If you try to keep more than one hedgehogs in one place, they are more likely to fight.

They are nighty pets, which it might be difficult to keep in the bedroom. At night they either run on a wheel or rummage around. Hedgehogs usually feed on the live or freeze-dried insects such as mealworms and crickets. They can also eat, cat, or special hedgehog kibble food.

The average life span of hedgehogs is about 5 years. And you may need permission to keep even one.